棋牌斗牛挂到底是不是真的-斗牛在线棋牌-斗牛棋牌保皇作弊器-天天棋牌Bible Study Handouts and Study Aids for Youth Groups



          Churches and individuals are welcome to reprint these books and study aids, but they may not be placed on any other website. For more information, please read our qq游戏斗牛手机版 Copyright.html">qq游戏斗牛手机版 Copyright Noticeqq游戏斗牛手机版

          Bible Puzzles For Everyone (Vol. 1), by Jeff Asher. Crossword, Matching and Word Search Puzzles for use with Middle School through Adult Bible studies or Home Schools as a supplement or home assignment. These puzzles cover some general information and much of the book of Genesis (PDF file size: 1.6MB).

          Bible Puzzles For Everyone (Vol. 2), by Jeff Asher. Over 90 new crossword, matching and word search puzzles for use with Middle School through Adult Bible studies or Home Schools as a supplement or home assignment. These puzzles cover some general information but most of the puzzles deal with the life of Christ (PDF file size: 1.3MB).

          My Rules For Preaching Wedding Ceremonies, by David Padfield. This is a copy of the contract I now have couples sign before I agree to officiate at their wedding. The contract covers vows, premarital classes, demeanor and the reception (Revised March 20, 2005; PDF file size: 72k).

          How To Do A Word Study, a one page handout showing how to find the meaning of a Greek word by starting with the English word found in the King James Version (PDF file size: 56k).

          How To Do A Word Study (Color), a one page handout showing how to find the meaning of a Greek word by starting with the English word found in the King James Version. This file is intended to be printed on color laser printers (PDF file size: 422k).

          Politically Incorrect. What did the founding fathers believe about God? This will refresh your memory and make you wonder why the Supreme Court has rendered God "unconstitutional" (PDF file size: 136k).

          The ABC's Of The Bible is a handout for use in children's Bible classes. It will help encourage memorization of basic Bible facts (PDF file size: 68k).

          Abortion: Without Natural Affection is a handout reminding us that life begins long before a baby is born. A chart on why women choose abortion is also included (PDF file size: 72k).

          Timeline For The Book Of Genesis, by David Padfield. A single page handout in 8.5 by 14 inch format. Gives an overview of the book of Genesis in chronological order (PDF file size: 124k).

          Notes For The Margin Of Your Bible. A handout by David Padfield used in personal work and for edifying individual Christians (PDF file size: 140k).

          Seeking The Truth, a seven lesson home Bible study by Gene Taylor which is designed to be used as a correspondence course. Topics include "The Reality of God," "The Validity of the Bible," "Jesus, the Son of God," "Salvation: Our Need and Source," "Faith, Repentance and Confession," "Baptism," and "The Church of the Lord." Churches are welcome to reprint this series for use in their own Bible Correspondence Course (PDF file size: 995k). You will also want to download the Answer Key for this course (PDF file size: 512k).

          "For The Remission Of Sins." A few years ago David Padfield wrote to several prominent Greek scholars and posed this question: "Is it grammatically possible that the phrase 'eis aphesin hamartion,' 'for the remission of sins,' as used in Acts 2:38, expresses the force of both verbs, 'repent ye and be baptized each one of you,' even though these verbs differ in both person and number?" This booklet contains photocopies of their responses and explains the phrase "for the remission of sins" in a very detailed manner (PDF File size: 640k).

          Is My Baptism Valid? A nine page article by Jeff Asher dealing with the prpose of baptism and how to determine if one's baptism is valid. (File size: 92k).

          Jesus Plus Nothing? is a review of a Baptist tract on the subject of salvation. This review by Jeff Asher corrects some of the errors in the tract while at the same time tries to teach Baptists the truth of the gospel. (File size: 50k).

          For further study

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